3d Glassman

3DGlassman provides the tools to learn, understand and make better decisions. It’s comprehensive, interactive and fun to use. Download now and experience the benefits.

Glassman Preview

Library of Content

All bodily systems available across male and female sexes. (Unlocked with In-App Purchase, one system included for free.)

Quality and Accuracy

High quality visuals. Anatomy models are derived from scan data, enhancing the accuracy and fidelity of visuals across the board.

Modern Graphics

Built using a game engine. 3DGlassman engages users in a way that a diagram on a page never could.

Intuitive Annotation

Draw on screen and enjoy a natural drawing experience with pressure sensitivity when using an Apple Pencil.

Export Images

Want to save some reference material? Simply press a button to save an image of the screen, with or without annotations and labels.

Smooth Frame Rate

Optimised for a smooth experience, users can expect 60 frames per second across most modern devices.

3DGlassman Windows Edition.

Free for Best Practice Software users. Click below to register and download.


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